Tips for Moving to a Senior Living Community

When seniors can no longer safely live at home, or simply want to remove the burdens of homeownership, they often seek a senior living community. Many seniors move to these communities for memory care living. One of the most difficult aspects of moving to a senior living community is preparation. Getting prepared for the move is essential. With this guide, individuals will find the process of moving to one of these communities much easier and less stressful. 

Making the Decision Is Never Easy

Most seniors want to remain as independent as possible for as long as they possibly can. Unfortunately, the aging process is not always easy. Even though a senior may feel like they can continue to perform the necessities of day-to-day living, they may soon find these tasks become overwhelming. 

Making the decision to move into a senior living community is never easy, no matter the reason for doing so. The process of moving out of their home can be overwhelming and stressful for seniors, especially those who are suffering from cognitive declines. Knowing how to prepare for this big change is essential for seniors of all ages. 

Tips for Making the Move

Many seniors have lived in the same home since starting their families. Over decades, seniors can obtain a lot of belongings that will need to be gone through and scaled down dramatically. This process can be overwhelming for people. The following tips offer assistance in helping seniors prepare to move into a memory care living facility. 

Get Help From Loved Ones, Friends, And Even Professionals

One of the most beneficial things a senior can do to prepare for moving to nursing homes in tacoma WA, is to ask for help. Sometimes, seniors feel too proud to ask for assistance or feel they will be bothersome to others. Asking for help can make the process of moving much easier. 

Take Time

One of the biggest mistakes a senior can make is to rush the process. There can be a lot of sadness and even apprehension over making such a big move. Many seniors are strongly attached to their homes and have a lot of memories. Taking the time to prepare for moving to a senior community will help to ensure individuals have time to process the move and do not become as overwhelmed. 

Downsizing Is Important

One of the biggest issues seniors have with moving to a senior living community is getting rid of their cherished belongings. The elderly often find it difficult to part with the many belongings they have acquired over the years. Downsizing efforts can often be helped by bringing in professionals. It is also helpful if seniors know their most prized possessions can either be brought with them or protected by family members. 

Help For Getting Settled In

Once a person has chosen senior living near me, they will need to prepare to settle into their new community. The moving-in process can be a bit intimidating for seniors. They may feel uncomfortable moving into a place where they do not know anyone. Often, senior living communities offer ambassadors who help seniors get to know other residents and sign up for activities that will help them become acquainted with their new lifestyle. 

It takes a few weeks for seniors to begin fully embracing their new lifestyle. The busier they can stay with engaging activities, the better the chances of them avoiding feeling any depression as a result of their move. It is also important children, grandchildren, and other family members visit as often as possible to help their loved ones transition to this new way of living. 

Once a senior begins to make their new community home, they will find the level of friendship and activities to be beneficial in many ways. These communities keep seniors healthier and safer while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. With varying degrees of intervention available, seniors of all ages and health levels can benefit from moving into one of these communities. 


Making the decision to move into a senior living facility is not always easy. Once the decision has been made, seniors will often require a lot of support in the moving process. Making such a big change will be easier if seniors have help from loved ones.  

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