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Posted 10:53 pm

What to Look for in a Memory Care Community

Everyone forgets things here and there, but those living with dementia often find themselves struggling to remember more frequently than not. Dementia can strike anyone, and it’s most common in seniors. Luckily, moving into a memory care center in Washington can help loved ones learn how to cope with this life-changing diagnosis. Cognitive impairments, includingRead More

Posted 10:51 pm

Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia

Approximately 50 million people across the globe suffer from some form of dementia. Another 10 million are diagnosed with these types of conditions each year. Dementia develops in various stages, each one being more severe than the last. Ultimately, it takes a major toll on not only those directly suffering from its effects but theirRead More

Posted 10:48 pm

Tips for Moving to a Senior Living Community

When seniors can no longer safely live at home, or simply want to remove the burdens of homeownership, they often seek a senior living community. Many seniors move to these communities for memory care living. One of the most difficult aspects of moving to a senior living community is preparation. Getting prepared for the move isRead More

Posted 10:46 pm

How Memory Care Can Help Those With Mental Health Needs

Seniors who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and can no longer live independently need a safe community to live in. Families face these challenges most often with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The communities must provide comprehensive care for the residents according to their diagnosis.¬† Families often try to take on these challenges themselvesRead More

Posted 12:49 am

When is the Right Time to Consider Memory Care

It’s easy for loved ones to identify when elderly family members require medical assistance. Car accidents, other forms of medical trauma, and terminal illness diagnoses often inspire the decision to help these loved ones move into residential facilities where they can get the help they need. Unfortunately, age-related diseases that cause cognitive decline rarely presentRead More

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