Protect Seniors From Falls

Senior Living Safety: Tips for Preventing Falls and Injuries

As people age, they are more likely to suffer falls and injuries. Fall prevention is essential for seniors, especially if they have certain medical conditions that make them prone to accidents. Learning about the ways to protect seniors is vital for caretakers. 

Falls Put Seniors At Serious Risk

Seniors are at a much greater risk of suffering serious injuries because of falls. Seniors with dementia are more likely to fall and may require memory care living. The following are some of the reasons seniors may fall more than others. 

  • Reduced hearing and eyesight are both dangers for falls. 
  • Some health conditions, including arthritis, heart disease, and thyroid conditions, can change the nerve reactions in the feet and lead to falls. 
  • Incontinence can cause seniors to rush to the bathroom, leading to falls. 
  • Some older adults suffer cognitive decline that could lead to an increased risk of falls. 
  • Age-related muscle mass loss may also lead to increased risks of falls. 

Seniors and their caregivers must take appropriate action to protect against falls. Although falls are not always preventable, there are steps that can make them less of a risk. When falls become a consistent problem, seniors and their families should consider the options for memory care in Tacoma, WA

Steps For Protecting the Elderly From Falls

Falls can happen anywhere but are more likely to occur in the home. Some seniors can no longer live alone safely because of their health issues and fall risks. For these seniors, there is dementia care. This care protects seniors in a nurturing environment that guards against rapid cognitive decline and memory loss. Consider the following steps for protecting the elderly from falling. 

Talk to the Doctor

If falls are becoming a problem, seniors must talk to their doctors. Review any health issues and medications to see if they could be causing imbalances. Discuss previous falls and how and where they occurred. Talk about walking ability and balance to ensure there are no concerns the doctor needs to address.

Seek Physical Activity

As seniors age, they lose muscle and bone mass which can make them more vulnerable to falling and developing injuries. Exercise retains and improves muscle and bone mass and also helps balance. Water workouts, dance classes, and Tai Chi are all reasonable exercises that can help seniors prevent falls. Ideally, seniors should get exercise several times a week for the best results.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Seniors should wear sensible, supportive, and comfortable shoes. High heels, slippers, and flip-flops put seniors at a greater risk of falling. Tripping over improperly fitting shoes is one of the common causes of senior falls. Sensible shoes help seniors with balance and may also reduce joint pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Take Care of Hazards in the Home

For seniors, one of the most dangerous places is their homes. Seniors are more likely to become injured at home and may experience greater problems if they live alone. Nursing homes care for people who cannot live alone safely. These homes provide around-the-clock care to protect seniors from falls and the serious injuries that may result. The following steps will remove any hazards that may cause seniors to fall and become injured. 

  • Remove any debris from walkways, including newspapers, chords, and boxes. Any obstacles in the walkways must be removed to prevent seniors from falling and getting seriously hurt. 
  • Secure any loose rugs with double-sided tape, or consider removing them altogether. Loose rugs are a common cause of slip and falls in the home.
  • Move furniture obstacles from high-traffic areas. Ensure there is adequate space for walking through the home freely. 
  • Repair or replace any loose floorboards or carpeting. Have a contractor come out and inspect the flooring for any signs of danger. 
  • Promptly clean up any spills from liquids, food, or grease. These can all lead to falls. 

Protect Seniors at All Times

Providing care for seniors is essential for keeping them healthy and safe. Injuries are likely to occur after falls. When seniors fall, they can break their hips or other bones. 

Protecting seniors is critical, and may require outside intervention. When seniors cannot live alone safely, a senior community may be the answer. Here, seniors can receive the integral daily care they need while staying safe and secure. 

Pioneer Place Memory Care Community believes in person-centered care. We treat our residents like family and work to keep them safe, healthy, and happy at all times. We do not provide a cookie-cutter approach to care because individualized programs work better. 

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